SPARK Merchandise
We believe one spark - a kind word or deed - can make a difference!

Help 1 Other

We believe that one kind word or one helpful deed can make all the difference to someone. We want to encourage others to join us and, as we inspire one another, together we can ignite a 'flame' that spreads around the world.

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100% of funds will be given to the charities featured on our web site. The donation will be processed by "TCF4 Productions".

SPARK Fundraising Merchandise: Proceeds from the sale of each item will be donated to the charities featured on this web site.


It starts with you making a commitment to help 1 other person each day through 1 kind word or deed.


Purchase a dog tag to wear as a reminder of your commitment to help at least 1 other person each day.


Proceeds from each sale will go directly to one of the charities profiled below.


Help us spread the word by telling everyone you know and encouraging them to join with us!